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We believe that there is a WI.RE, a powerful one, that connects people’s destiny, our destiny of a team meant to be. We believe we are that exclusive WI.RE, the one that flows and connects goals and creativity, the one you can pull to go straight to the point. The one that carries the energy to spark and link peoples and places, to create a unique experience; you may belong to places and places may belong to you, our aim is to energize this connection. We hold one side of the WI.RE, always looking and searching for a brave companion… be that one, let us stretch the WI.RE to give power to your events.

At one end of the WI.RE there is a team of skilled people, with the right ambition, passion and creativity to inspire your business, to empower your events, to provide flexibility in daily work, to ensure reliability in every aspect of the project, and to convey empathy, “because we know that people make the difference”. We are not different, we think different and we benefit each other through our differences creating a healthy ecosystem around us.

WI.RE can provide services in Italy and abroad with the passion of those who know the rules well enough to be able to break them, well enough to create their own. We work as a partner both with each other and with the customer, we are not interested in power games, each and every member of the team is accountable for his work and will never feel lost. We don’t want to be good at many things, we want to be great at one: our customers’ satisfaction and friendship.


This dynamic destination and event management company, born from the unconventional expertise of our founder William Reynaert, is a natural diversification of our sister’s company portfolio (TL Voyages) of travel packages and services: a professional and innovative response to the needs of our corporate buyers and meeting planners.

Great events, exclusive events, special events… with WI.RE they will be smooth and supple, fitting as gloves. Your goals, your objectives, your budget will benefit from our knowledge of local products, service quality, and strong buying power. Whether you are interested in the full package or just part of it you can find an extremely flexible staff of planning experts, wizards in audio-visual possibilities and extremely creative resources.

The magic behind every outstanding performance is always found in the smallest details. With a careful balance between work and pleasure we will find the perfect venue, the perfect flower, the highest ceiling to match your needs.

We will provide all the support to design, create and tailor the finest and most exclusive events in Italy and in France. We’re as buttoned up for a business meeting as we are playful for a witty incentive. Our highly trained, extremely flexible, challenge-loving staff of experts are ready to transform just about any destination to meet your desires.


We provide the event industry with a wide range of highly specialized logistic services to produce the most complex events.

Corporate Events: Product launches, Big Events, Conventions, Conferences, Exclusive Events, We can provide the full package to design, create and tailor the finest and most exclusive events in Italy, France and worldwide.

Incentives: We turn our client’s needs into unforgettable emotions in unimaginable destinations. Your goals, your objectives, your budget will benefit from our knowledge of local products, service quality and strong buying power.

DMC Services: The deep knowledge of our destinations and our important background in events allows us to become a local extension of our clients’ team providing highly specialized services required to produce the most complex events

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